Prayers for Charlottesville

Middle of the night and this is what I wake to see.
 “Blood and soil”. Do people really refuse to see that this moment has been fortold through every media outlet, every holy book, every historical narrative and fireside story? How does it make you feel to be perceived as on their side? If you accept this without action you cannot claim a love of humanity. If you love something, you fight for it’s survival with your teeth. If you love equality, you have to love others more than yourself because you want them to have the wholeness you have. Fight for others, if you truly want to do unto others what you would have done for yourself.
When they chant “you will not replace us”, it sounds like an admission of a fear that we will one day repay them for the country they have created to oppress us. Seeing their side means that, on some level, you know that what benefits them benefits you. I will never benefit from anything they are promoting. Even if history would have had Black people in power, I would still be on the side of those who have been oppressed.  I have never been a part of a people who created entire institutions that exclude everyone but themselves. But clearly anger is an appropriate emotional response to feeling threatened, unless you’re not white.
Check yourself to discern if your offense is really conviction.

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