#LevelUp2018 #BossUpNow

The past several days (probably much longer if I’m honest) have been filled with incidents that make me want to fly off the handle and rage-cry without any restraint. But, hurting someone who hurt me rarely works out to my advantage. Karma/God’s Vengeance have always done a better job “getting back” at the people who “deserve to be got” than I could ever do anyway. 

I’m not going to jump down someone’s throat and rip out their heart from the inside (yup, I’m pretty over the top angry right now lol). Instead, I’m going to vent via FB/WordPress, take a deep breath, let it go and put it behind me. I am glad that I have grown enough to be able to take a step back from my automatic thoughts/reactions and really choose how to respond to each situation.

I’m also going to pause and reflect on all the awesome in my life; no one person/situation should have the power to get me this worked up. I am so thankful for all the people who love me and who consistently show it with their words and their presence. I am still not completely clear on what the lesson is in all of this but I know that I’m learning it. I am committed to always working towards leveling up in all areas of my life. I am ready to level up in 2018. 

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