3 months in to #LevelUp2018

Advice given to me today from an old friend:
“You know you’re worth fighting for, I mean seriously, you’re fucking amazing. But if you’re always fighting for yourself and fighting for the people you love, you don’t give anyone a chance to fight for you.”

Advice given to me last week by a new friend:
“Start trusting people when they say they love you, and learn to be still while they figure out how to show you their love (love is a VERB). And if their actions don’t back up their words…love them from afar. If they don’t ask what they can do specifically to make things right…maybe they don’t really want to make amends with you. Accept it and be at peace either way, because regardless, you are still awesome.”

Me whining, talking to myself about taking this advice: “Waaaaaaaaaaaa! Why am I going through this??? What can I do? What did I do wrong?”

My Avatar/Higher self, talking to whining Me: “BITCH! Uuuuuggggh! STFU and listen! Yes, this is all hard, but you said you wanted to Level Up in 2018….you KNOW there are Boss fights before you Level Up. Check your gear, upgrade your power tree, maybe do a couple side missions if you have to, but pick your squad and let’s go! Stay focused on the mission!”

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